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Dent1 wrote:
Just bought the R818 a couple days ago-So far it appears to bevery easy to useand like the 5x zoom-called HP about the dock (none available) at this time-Rseries dock doesnt work with R817 or R818. Will let you know about quality of images.

Trying the Hp -Recieved an Olympus C60 as a gift a few months ago-My 1st digital camera-Wife takes good pics with SLR Pentax in auto-Found the C60 to be not great with flash-grandkids pics. Had to do a lot ofediting on pics-Is this the case with flash on these point and shoot models? The Hps flash seemms to be better so far.

The dock is avail andthe 817/818 does work with the R series dock, there was shipment issue andthe dock insertfor the R817/818 weren't sent out when first released... Just contact hp and they should get ya the dock insert sent for free....
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