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Several days ago I purchased a Dimage X1 from Ritz Camera. It was $349.00 with a thirty dollar gift card. I thought that this was a "steal" for an eight megapixel camera with "real" image stabilization contained in a tiny, pocketable package. I have previously owned various Minolta cameras and have found the Z1, A1, XG, z10, g600, to be quality cameras and currently use the A1 for the sheer enjoyment of its fine build and sophisticated controls. I really like Minolta products. I was therefore literally shocked by how bad this camera really is in function and image production. Its just awful. I took it back after trying it for two days under different lighting conditions and after taking 600 images and reviewing them with various other cameras that I own. Briefly it is very slow in operation, has trouble with focus in any situation that does not have full light, has unexpected "blur" even at daylight speeds that crops up on some images, has unacceptable "noise" even at the lowest iso, has softness in corners and the softness seems more pronounced in the right lower quadrant of the frame, the camera becomes very hot when shooting and with the heating of the camera the pictures seem to "gain" noise as the shooting session progresses, and finally the shutter release is so small and recessed that it is very difficult to release without causing camera shake. I compared the XG at three megapixels to the eight of the X1 and found them sharper, with less noise, and without the "burned out highlights" that seems to plague my daylight pictures with the X1. Even with EV at -1 the camera struggled. I found that the camera had less detail than a five megapixel A1 image and in high contrast pictures reminded me of color halos on branches, edges, and skylines. I was really suprised and wondered if others had better results. I really wanted to like this camera but I kept thinking "its got to get better" and it never did.
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