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It is with a heavy heart that I must replace my Olympus D-510 camera. After a short battle with "camera lens retracts just when you try to take a picture" disease, it finally succumbed to the "memory card? *I* don't see a memory card!" syndrome. A moment of silence please.. <insert mournful trumpet playing "taps" here>

SOooo... Now I'm looking for advice on replacing this camera with something comparable in reliability, ease of use and (most importantly) no funky new memory card format that is incompatible with all my existing readers! I can read SD/MMC, Compact Flash, SmartMedia, and Sony Memory Stick. <rant>For cryin out loud *why* do they need to keep making new card formats!?!</rant>.

So, what say you great guru's of the camera scene...? I need a family friendly point & shoot camera that gives good quality photos indoors and out, is light weight, durable enough to be used on occasion by my 9yr old, can fit in my wife's purse, and has sufficient resolution to allow any memorable pics to survive being printed on 8x10 media for framing for the grandparents... Does such a beast exist??

Austin, Texas

PS: I do an annual Haunted House, so great night shot capability would be a bonus
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