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There are pro's and cons. I wouldn't regard ACDSee as my editing software. But it does a pretty good job of Album viewing and sorting. Don't know what Irfanview is like on reading EXIF data, I know ACDSee misses some stuff out, but I use EXIFER anyway for that.

When I started looking at Viewers/Organisers I was pretty careful to make sure that things like notes/album data/ thumbnail presentations etc are stored in a format where you can get at them and they don't customise your filing system or cam original files, such it hangs on a Vendor's software which you become locked into, as your archive builds.

In future you might move to another system and have all those photo notes in a form you can't read or transfer. I know the ACDSee system builds readable text files. What I like about ACDSee is the brutal way I sometimes move files around directories, and it still tracks and updates the thumbnail views and picture notes. Just something to think about.

Don't use early versions of ACDsee (below V3.5-4.0?), which you might still find on the web, the editor strips your EXIF data on saves.
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