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old-not-wise wrote:
After using my new A620 for a few days I'm telling everyone how great it is, and I
guess that's what a lot of people with new toys do. But it really is a great camera for a great price. The A610, if you want 5mp instead of 7, is an even better deal. The camera would make a great family shooter. It is small, yet easy to handle for me, I'm 6-2, and it is feature rich. It is very, very fast, and it is easy to use. The lens is just excellent for such a little guy. You can go from fully manual to fully auto or anywhere in between. The video is really good. You can carry it in your shirt pocket, if you don't mind a bulge. It uses AA batteries, so you are never very far from more power if you run out. I really don't think you can do any better in this price range.
Are you referring to the Cannon Powershot A610/620? Where did you get yours? I've done some searches for this model on and a couple other consumer electronic stores and it doesn't seem to a be a regular stock item. Also, what memory media does it use? Thanks for your response!

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