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These shots are from my hotel room this weekend and are all center crops of the same area, not really the same digital size buta similiarFOV. No flash in any shots, all had held and I tried to keep things similiar between the two camera's. I"m sure that some of the images could have been better but I just was looking for a quick comparison to justify my new purchase.

Also note that the FZ better handled the white balancefor the lighting in the room. The FZ shots arepretty accurate while the KM shots are too yellowish. Easily fixed I'm sure but I just left both camera's on auto wb.

These were also shot with the kit lens from theKM, which after shoting with for a weekend I find that it really isn't as nice as the glass on the FZ3 for daytime enjoyment and doesn't provide as much fun while shootinglimited to a 105mm zoom.

So, for 3x the priceof the FZ3 it's reallya poor comparison butit applies to my upgrade.


ISO 100



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