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Thank you Jim for the detailed response. I've salted that away in my 7D TechTips file. It looks like I can hold off on the new flash for a while. The hand-metering will be a good exercise for me.

I do have a followup question though. In an earlier post, you wrote:
FWIW, apparently KM has a way to recalibrate the 5600 so that it works properly with the 7D (without altering exposure when it's used on film models).
And then, in response to my question:
Can nothing can be done for the older non (D) flashes to make them more useful with the 7D?
you wrote:
Not that I'm aware of.
So - colour me confused. Can you please clarify? Do you simply mean that it can't be upgraded to support ADI?

BTW: I bought the 7D last night, in large part based on the excellent information available on this forum. C$1150 including shipping with a full Canadian warranty.

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