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sed23 wrote:
This is my first post after reading the entire 70 pages , so i apologize if this is a stupid question, but i have a ip5000 that i cannot get to print cd's. i have set the destination numerous times and have printed the output and ip5000 (LTR) is in magenta with firmware version v1.08 in cyan, it gives me the tray has not been lowered message and then eventually errors out after awhile. i have also checked the registry and it is set correctly and rebooted numerous times. is there an internal switch that makes when you lower the tray? i'm using a type b tray.
Try to uninstall the driver altogether and then reinstall it. Sometimes the reg fix doesn't work correctly.

Also be sure to follow the instructions that the cd label program tells, if you try to insert the cd tray to early it will give you an error. The printer needs to do some stuff before it is ready for the tray. It will tell you when to insert the tray.
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