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leonb wrote:
I bought a Canon PIXMA IP4200 printer a few weeks back. The print quality on photo paper is excellent, but I'm having problems printing directly on DVD's or cd's. I use Verbatim's DVD-R 8X printable discs for inkjet printers, but my colours look very dull and washed out. Both the Printable disc (recommended) and Printable disc (other) setting gives unsatisfactory results. What is the difference between these settings anyway.

How can one improve this. I though verbatim would be the better option. (the print surface doesn't feel smooth - almost like plain paper)
TDKs seem to provide the best result on the pixmas using the default settings. In fact I think this is the offical reccomended media for these printers. Other forms of media that i've used such as Fuji require you to set printing to dark, and up the intensity to at least +10 if not +15 or more. While I don't have direct experence with Verbatim this would be the first thing i'd try.

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