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i agree.

BTW, you can still get the equivalent of a 200mm zoom with the R1, but in this case the resolution drops to 5 mega-pixel (still not too bad).

And I'm sure that Raynox will come with some telephoto converters for the R1, even though they will be expensive, enorbous and very heavy.

In general, I found I need more often wide angle (i.e. wider than 28mm) than telephoto, which is why I got the fish-eye converter for the F828, but yes, it's nice to have a 200mm. I guess it was technically (optically) difficult to create a 24mm to 200mm lens, so Sony had to make some hard choices...

Also, I reallycan't understand why they took the video featureoff. The video is one of the things that gives a big advantage to "bridge" cameras vs DSLR.
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