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Dent1 wrote:
called HP (actually) HP store and they told me the dock for the R series is not compatible with the R817/818-they werent familiar with an insert.-they told me the 818 is a smaller camera then the other R series-Can you offer any other help for me.

Yeah, there sniffing glue I work for Hp tech support and know what I am talking about lol, The dock physically itself was never meant for the new camera, however the new insert has the adapter built in to allow the conversion from the old R series camera connector to the new R series connector... Trust me it can be done ... If you live in Canada call us at 800-474-6836 and we will know what your talking about ...If your in the USA just explain the samething to them call them at 866-211-5214.... Just explain u have this camera your missing the dock insert in the package and you would like one sent out and should be done with no charge....

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