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Yes I agree completely with you, a few mm can make a big difference, especially at 1m distance and F2.8. I took some photos in 3:2 mode and they were sharp. Most of the other photos I took on 9mp fine, Auto, with 35, 50 and about 100mm. And I always used Flash and iso 200. However I used the manual focus, got the camera to focus with the button and it did even not need correction. What seems strange to me is that the whole image is sharp, only the left edge is not. I sent this to Fuji tech support and they told me that they couldnt see anything. However I showed it to my friends and they see it, so Im not the only one apparently...

I also took a wooden fence outside and there I have also the impression that the left edge is blurry, however with wood its not easy for me to see it correctly. Do you have any suggestion how to test this more efficiently? :?
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