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I never buy a lens that tries to handle the wide angle and the tele zoom in one lens.

Usually it doesn't do either well.

Your probably better off to buy a "walk around" lens for general photography, then specific lenses for other needs you might have.

The kit lens is a good lens but not a great lens. You could probably get a decent mid-range third party zoom for about $300-500 dollars that should handle the wide angle up to about 100mm or so.

Buying one huge honker stonker lense to try to handle 28-200 is not the best move, in my opinion.

If you're into landscape, I would have to agree with wsandman1. What your really looking for is the wide end. Something between 15-20mm at the wide end.

I have a Tarmon AF17-35 F2.8-F4 which is a nice lens for about $500.

You might want to spend some time on and look at some examples of shots taken with different lenses. There should be tons of landscape examples.

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