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Although you did not resize the photo, the lab's printer software did. Most people don't know it, but many labs would prefer an unedited (other than cropping) image because the R.I.P. or fiery RIP software in their 300k plus printers will do the interpolation and upsizing. Since the RIP software in these printers can cost in the thousands of dollars, it usually does a better job than the printer drivers we have on our desktop printers. Some labs will tell you to provide a 200 or 300 ppi image in the desired size. Others just ask you to providethe desired print size. Of course there is a limit on how high the printers will upsize an image. But for an 8 MP image, you can send it in unedited and get good results for 24 x 30 prints.I recently attended a professional level photography workshop. One of the most important class goals we were given for success as mostly digital professionals,was that we produce out of the camera images that would go directly to the lab with instructions for print sizes, not other editing would be done. This would allow you to have the same workflow as a film shooterswith the reduced cost of no film purchases. Of course I haven't been able to accomplish this on a regular basis so far.

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