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Hi. My old camera just went out and I'm looking for something to tide me over for the next couple years until I can buy the S3 IS or whatever Canon has out then. I'm looking for something that takes good pictures but can be carried around when I travel. I will probably be spending some extended time in the 3rd world, so I want something durable. I definitely want AA batteries and would prefer the SD card, but xD would work as well. 4+ Megapixels would be nice. I'd like to go under $200, but the Canon A610 is pretty tempting. Otherwise, I'm torn between the A520, the new Pentax 60, or possibly the Olympus Sports Zoom 5050. I had a bad experience with a Fuji camera, so I'd probably rule them out. Does anybody have the new Pentax 60 or Canon 610, or have any advice on any of the other models here or one that I might have missed? I appreciate it.
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