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this photo is one of a series that I took this past weekend. unfortunately, the lighting conditions were dismal with very cloudy skies. my intent was to stop the action of the puppies playing and achieve good focus, but in reviewing my shots, I believe that I did something wrong.

I "cheated" and used the sports mode of my EOS 20D. Perhaps I should have tried manual mode and adjusted the shutter to a faster shot. I converted this photo to BW in Photoshop because the colors were dismal.

I am also using a hand-me-down lens from an Canon EOS Elan 35mm right now, so that may be part of it. Any words of wisdom that anyone can offer for capturing action shots, and in lower-light settings, would be greatly appreciated.

This photo is of Oxford "eating" his brother Moose. Both are 3mos old cross-bred Rhodesian Ridgeback / Belgian Malinois pups. Surprisingly, of the litter of 4 pups, all were born with ridges and, with the exeption of Ox's dark mask, all resemble the standard for Ridgebacks quite closely.

I will try to thow a few more pics up if I can find any decent ones.
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