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Dent1 wrote:
Thanks for the info -live in USA-The 818 comes with an extra battery and AC adapter cradle-no dock-didnt order dock yet-Theywant 79.99 for the dock which includes an extra battery(which meansIll have 3 batteriesI think 2 would be adequate-Is the dock a necessity-I know you cancharge the extra battery onit andgo direct to a TV screen I mayhave to call you guys anyway if I cant get the support I need Dont read much about it in the the US-Do like the camera-evedently not very popular here in the US-one problem Ive encoountered is seeing the LCD screen in bright sunlight-No optical viewer as a backup-other then that good.Later-Did call HP TEch service-evidently the cradle which camewith the camera fits into the R series dock-At 80.00-to show slides on a TV screen is not worth 80.00

since I already have a 2nd battery. THANKS AGAIN.

I am not sure if I read that right, did you say you found out the Craddle fits into the R series dock if so that's totally incorrect lol, if someone told you that there koo koo ... only the camera fits into the dock, the special insert adapts it from the old connector on the dock to the new connector on the camera.. Just for clarification..
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