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Sometimes (today i got it a lot of times ) i am shotting just fine, then all of the sudeen i see the AF stops working and i get a "No lens" warning, I can manually focus, but the f/stops wont move and of course i can't shoot anything since i get a No Lens warning, if i turn off the camera, remove the lens put it back on and turn it back on again 90% of the times it will fix the problem, but sometimes it won't.

For instance today i went on a shooting spree, before i started i made a couple of test shots, got the "No lens" warning about 10 - 15 times after that i went and shoot about 500 shots and no problem whatsoever.

Do you guys think i have a bad lens? or a bad body? or just something on my side?

Sending the camera to service HAS to be my LAST resort since I live in mexico (yay! stupid 3rd world country )

Any ideas?


Shanti Castillo G.
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