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I am trying to improve here, but people haven't offered many suggestions on how I can improve this photo? I would like to improve it. But I'll I hear is that the photo stinks and is really bad. I knew it wasn't the best when I posted it and that is why I wanted some help, but I haven't gotten any other than negative comments telling me how and it is. I do want honest feedback. And honest suggestions on improving. I would love helpful comments that encougage me to try harded and improve my skill, rather than to give up. So please give me suggestions along with the feedback.

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Walter C wrote:

Like some other pictures you've placed on this forum, this one leaves room for improvement in technique. Unfortunately, you have tended to get defensive when someone tries to critique...and take on a dismissive tone in your responses.

That's not the way to encourage others to provide honest feedback or, for that matter, any feedback at all. The very act of placing a post and photo here indicates -- for most of us, anyway -- that we are always trying to improve, and that we welcome helpful comments from others.

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