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What shutter speed and lens opening did the camera choose for this picture? It appears to be a somewhat challenging location with obvious light and dark areas. It seems like a natural for fill-flash to me. I don't know if there is any way totake effective portraits in a bright shadowy locationwithout a stron fill-flash. If the highlights were a lot brighter than the shadows, theweak flash of the Z750 at 7 feet away would probably not make a great difference in the final picture. I get the same problem in taking people under trees on a sunny day. Some locations require a powerful slave flashfor extra fill. All that having been said, it seems to me that your camera is producing darker pictures than mine would in similar locations. I know that for me to get a picture of a wall 25 feet away in a nearly-dark room (see shot of fireplaceabove) would require a heck of a lot of exposure. I don't think there is any way my Z750 could take that kind of indoor picture at such a distancewithout a slave flash or flood light. Could some Z750 cameras be coming off the assembly line with vastly different capabilities?
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