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Those cameras are probably the most asked about in this forum. You should do a forum search for them, you will find a lot.

Here's a recent one. o=397392#p397392

I personally have a Canon S2 IS, and if I had to choose over again, I would still choose it. The only other one I would consider is the Fuji S5200, because of the low price, and the great ISO.

Quick comparison (from memory, so not so accurate, and probably a bit biased. )

FZ5 - small, very fast
FZ20 - GREAT image quality, very fast
S2 - Ariculating LCD, fast, good image quality, good IS. Great movie mode. Super Macro. Noisy at iso 400. Uses AA batteries.
S5200 ISO 1600 !!!!! No IS. Cheap.
Sony H1 -Large screen. Some like it, I dont.

Either way, if you think a high ISO is a must have, then go for the Fuji. Otherwise, none of these will disapoint.
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