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thekman620 wrote:
Here's my 2 cents (1.3 american or so...) candids are a favorite of mine too. I really struggle with the concept at times, because these days it's a fine line between doing what photographers do, and being interpreted as using a camera for a voyeur/papparazzi/privacy invasion kind ofexperience. For me, I pass up a lot of shots just because I am uneasy about how my actions will be interpreted. One experience I had surprised the heck out of me. I attended a tattoo convention. There were some very, very nifty artsytattos on every kind of being. Everything from buxom and voluptous to groups where if you put'em all together you'd get a full set of teeth amongst them if they all contributed. What's a man with a camera s u p p o s e d to do? I (politely) asked every one I shot if they minded me focusing my camera on them and their tatoos. Almost every single one was openly proud of their tatoos and Iwas greeted in a very cordial and friendly manner. The whole afternoon I was there only O N E person refused me. She had a really wild tatoo of a sunrise that went from the middle of her back as far as it could go in every direction. While I was concentrating on getting one shot a woman with a side slit denom skirt nudged me and said "Take a shot of this animal!" and she whipped open the slit in her skirt. Prepared for clenched my camera and stared at a beautiful wolf tatto on her upper thigh. I may have twitched a bit when I shot it so if it's a bit blurry when I post it you'll forgive me. (With your permission Thekman, if I can find the shot I'd like to post it in your space here.) Long story but I really like your regards,


Love to seeyou post that shotKen. Feel free to do so. I've asked some people at times if they'd mind if I photo them, and almost all decline. I just say thanks, and move on. But being voyueristic in catching people without their knowledge can be rewarding as it captures the real person more than a pose will ever do. I guess it's not the most acceptable form of photography, but the results are sometimes outstanding. I would never photo anyone in a candid manor for provocative reasons. I'm only interested in trying to capture their moods and natural behavior......thekman.
Ha see, now look what's happened. I've got you 'splainin' your motives! You and I do very similair projects with our hobby. Some of my most interesting shots are of people in public, going about whatever they're going about. We live in such a mixed up society we see people oscillate between being overly politically correct and perveted misuse of nearly every gadget we make! No one knows anymore when someone somewhere will misguidedly screech and point the finger. But never mind me. I was just reflecting. I agree wholeheartedly it pays to put your heart into your work/hobby and from time to time we get to see ourselves as we really are because someone snapped us at the right place at the right time. More power to those who do record that sort of thing. Not much different from an anthropology study really! Carry that camera high! (or low, if it works better) our work and posts reflect our disposition. Actually had a guy turn the tables on me yesterday. I was shopping in Costco, took my camera because my wife was having a hard time visualizing a chair I told her I'd seen there that I figured she'd like to buy. I snapped a few pics of it and several others. I asked someone if they'd mind sitting in it so she could get the idea of the way it looked in use, etc. He and his wife looked at me and said, "how about you jump in it, an I'll take YOUR picture!" Didn't really trust the guy with my camera, but after he put the strap around his neck, I agreed. That's all folks. Even old retired farts need sleep sigh ya nora!

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