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My opinion. Now I've enjoyed photography for since I was a kid and have owned many camera's, the last being an excellent Fuji FinePix S602. But I'm an amature at best, never realy taking the time to learn all the tech stuff that be said -

Noise Levels seem to bevery goodup to ISO200 and good at ISO400, if printing 8x10's. I very rarely print and if I do there 4x6's, which have turned out excellent.

Sharpness seems very good as well, having 3 settings helps, normal has done the job for me well.

Color in Natural is right on, though High color will wow youit's not as accurate. It does make the pic look better!!!!

Realy if you can't get a good shot out of this camera, your not using it right.

Gripes? -

IS would have been nice

All scene mode's and auto modedefault to Standard JPG, so you always need to change it to Fine (my prefrence)

One more program button (again my pref.)

While the 115k 2.5 screen is great for looking and takingnormal shots,its uselesswhen using themanual focusbox. The 256k on the EVF does the job great, though it seems to small.

Nothing major as you can see mostly personal pref. stuff. Oh the 'Anti shake night shot mode', it boost the ISO up to 400 and shutter speed up a notch. Ex. prog mode shot- ISO100, f2.8, .5 shutter. Anti shake night mode - ISO400 f2.8, 1/4 shutter.

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