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oberjager wrote:
Hi KD: Thanks for your reply. Wow, great photos of the sheep!!! I enjoyed reading your comments too - especially of how you should not give away your secrets about getting those shots. Just let everyone think that you climbed and scrambled to get those shots.

I would love to visit Alberta someday soon. Would love to do some photography and hunting there.

The FZ30 should arrive this afternoon and I am eager.

best wishes, O
Hello again...I posted a shot of the tele 1.7 add on, the one made for the FZ 30 by Panasonic, and I'm going to post a picture of it here too. I will add that it would be good to take thekman's advice seriously, and consider where and when you can get your best wildlife shots. It can be done with very acceptable results, even when the light is poor, as is demonstrated by my bighorn sheep shots. It gets dark very early up north here in the mountains, and I took those in overcast light, with the sun going down quickly. It stretched the limits for sure, but you can still pull it off. I wish tho, that I had had the foresite to bring a tripod, even my little mini would have been good. The low light forces a slower shutter speed, and that's where this camera shines IMO, allowing the IS to rescue the shot even tho low shutter speeds are in play. Another suggestion, shoot in burst. I forget the setting, but typically I shot a group of six at a time, and tho they were handheld I got quite a few really nice ones. Due to the variables mentioned, not all were keepers, naturally. And of course keep in mind I used the 1.7X converter. Which, under those light conditions made these shots even less likely to come out as clean as they did. So be optimistic... even tho these beasts (around here anyway) are more easily found around sunset, know you can still get some good shots with the 30. Here's a quick look at the 30 with the Lumix1.7X DMW-LT55
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