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I say that for the reason of:

I own a few musteks, the mustek dv3000 will be the ultimate example when viewed on a 42 inch tv lcd it is pixalated, you see the squares like a jigsaw puzzle.

now when you go to the mustek 3500 and 4500 you do not see the pixalsat all, I will not lie you may notice just a tab, if you study hard.

the aiptek mpvr (6800) viewed on a 42 inch shows pixalation, have you tested out in viewing? you'll notice that difference when you burn it on a dvd and play back. I own and owned the IS-Dv the dv5300 and the mpvr and they show more over the mustek.

And as I was just finishing up on the homeshopping network. have you noticed that the camera is a webcam? I must really look into this, I am loading up the video it may take an hours time I have to transfer to the mpvr then to youtube.

I preferre my mustek over the aiptek when burning to a dvd. anything small will look great.
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