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Stump1000 wrote:
Thats a very nice picture. I wish we had places like that around here to take pictures of. What camera did you use to take that?
took this one with an FZ20, handheld at f6.5 @ 1/15. biggest challenge was trying to keep the camera out of the blowing mist and rain.

Dick, i can't say if this is where the opening to Twin Peaks was filmed, since i've never seen the show, but i do know parts of it were filmed in the town of Snoqualmie, which is just a few miles from the falls. the "visitors center" here is called Salish Lodge, it's a very expensive B&B/restaurant overlooking the falls. i'd imagine you could get that coffee and pie there, but it'd cost a lot more than at one of the mom-n-pop cafes in town... :G

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