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zizzi wrote:
Hi guys,

I have read this forum with great interest, but am still puzzled as to the conclusion of your discussion on what the overall opinion (if there is one) of which camcorder is better the M1 or V1. I live in the UK and am going snoboarding for a few months then off travelling round the world, therefore i am skint but this camcorder seems a perfect size and price to take with me. Could anyone advise which one is better, mainly for its video function; and if anyone knows of where i can pick these up cheap in the UK it would be much appreciated. Cheers
Hi zizzi,

Welcome to the forum!

Well, we are all amateurs, and no one provides us with test cameras. I'm not into buying one of each hybrid (now numbering 100) to do reviews. So far none of us own both a V1 and M1. You may be able to find sample videos from both, but to me, such videos don't give conclusive proof unless the comparative videos are done side-by-side.

The M1 has an advantage over the V1 with a 5Mp sensor compared to a 3Mp, but that doesn't increase the video resolution, which is your main interest. Therefore I can't advise which is better for videos. Ultimately, probably there is very little difference for video use, so I'd get whichever is available and cheaper. I'd lean towards the M1 since it is a little smaller, and probably renders brighter colors. The Aiptek MPVR is the same as the V1, but without the remote control standard and uses an odd battery. If the mp3 player is important to you, beware that it's mono on the V1.

I'm sure you could find them on eBay in the UK. Or use a search engine. Seems I'm always coming up with UK sites when I browse for hybrid news.

If you're travelling with it, you have to consider how to keep some charged batteries around, how many memory cards you'll need , and how to store images after your memory cards fill up.

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