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tanmh wrote:
I am planning to buy a non-panasonic wideangle lens for my FZ20. The problem is I can't really find itin just any typical camera shop.

I have found this model (Raynox) in the internet:

Is it good and reliable?

Any recommendation for a fairly good quality lens at a reasonable lens. I can't afford those high-end ones, which I do not need as well. Please let me know which website I can purchase from. I am not from USA anyway.


The DCR-6600PRO Pro-Wideangle lens 0.66X is a great add-on. I have it on my FZ20 and it is the best wideangle you can buy at very little cost. It has almost no barrel distortion or chromatic aberration and has arobust built.Go for it! Here is a shot I took with it. It pretty much runs $99.95 everywhere. Amazon carries it among many others. I don't know where you can buy it in your country.


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