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I took my wife for lunch down to Rosarito, just south of Tijuana. In the way there I took a few shots of the coast and a few several other ones.

I didnt have a polarizer with me, ( I just bought a tiffen one) so this shots are straight up. I will drive down next week and try with the circular polarizer, it will be nice to polarize the sky and ocean water...

Hmmm, original size was 800-600, file size under 200Kb, pic server resizing this smaller... well, heres a couple more

Below my wife in her "PT" patiently waiting while I explore the cliffs for shots :lol:

The guy snorkeling here by the Rosarito beach pier didn't mind the cold water.

And finally this interesting looking hill below...

Ok, Im going to read a little more on posting pics, I'd like for pics to show at least at 800-600. Next shots I'll be trying a couple filters, a circular polarizer and an ND one.

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