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i had no idea that the last few minutes of yesterday were going to produce these.

this interesting shot was taken about ten or so minutes before my burnt sky posts from

yesterday. my fingers are in the water, cradeling the camera.

i have been posting shots from this location for a month now and needed something

fresh. a new perspective. it was cloudy and nasty ALL day.

i was painting a west facing wall full of windows and all of a sudden it was like POW!

i mean, it had been the same light (dark) all day. i scrambled. i had about fifteen minutes

to get what i could and live with it. no re-setting. i shot over 80 in that time frame, all

at different angles from what i heve been shooting from there. i gambled.

it was quite dark. i overexposed as much as i could and not lose the color. hope i won!
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