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Last week my 990 started acting a bit strange.¬* The problem was semi-consistent and after browsing this forum I thought that a switch cleaning was in order. I downloaded instructions and bought a can of the recomeded contact cleaner and went to work yesterday morning.After a successful disassembly and reassembly the problem is not fixed but it is consistant.When I power up the camera¬* one of two things work. Either you can use the zoom and NOT take a shot or the zoom will not work and you can take a shot but only one. Once you take and exposure the zoom once again functions but the exposure button doesnt.I've tried multiple cards and dowloaded and installed a fresh copy of the firmware to no avail.¬*It still seems like some kind of switch problem to me but I have no idea which one it may be.I just purchased an 8800 for a vacation in December but I also just purchased a dive case for the 990 so I hate to give up on this old workhorse too.¬*Any suggestions?
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