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Whilst I am sure that there is always a trade off with lenses I would none the less mention a lens i use particularily when walking. i am walking the South West Coastal Path in the UK. It involves me in 15 mile walks + bike riding to get back to my car. Weight and convenience on these trips are paramount.¬*Also in bad weather I am worried about lens changing because of getting dust / dirt on the sensor.¬*So for this I have a Sigma 18-200 ( equiv 28-300 in 35mm terms). This is not¬* quite as crisp as other lenses with some pincushioning but none the less it is fantastically convenient.¬*¬*I am also thinking of getting eiother the new pentax 12-24 lens .. which would be great but expensive. the other possibility is the Sigma 12-24 ... which is fullframe so would also work on any old Pentax 35mm cameras.¬*¬*Happy times¬*¬*Tom¬*
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