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Alright, so I'm new to this forum as you can see. I was led here by several searches on Google while trying to find a good camera, so I figured I'd just sign up and ask directly.

Okay, so I'm in the market for a digital camcorder. Here are my requirements:

CHEAP! - I don't have deep pockets for super expensive video equipment right now, and I don't really plan on doing anything too serious anyway. I'm thinking something that would be under $100 USD on eBay.

PORTABLE - I want something small and lightweight.

NIGHT - I need something that works decently in nighttime conditions. It doesn't have to be amazing, but it shouldn't be utterly terrible as I've seen on some test videos.

MOTION - I also need a camera that doesn't blur instantly when any motion is introduced. This is darn annoying!

SMOOTH ADJUST - One thing I'vebeen noticingin the review videos for these cheaper cams is that the auto-brightness/contrast/focus/whatever changes are rather jumpy. Is there any way to avoid this with such a low budget camera?

So the camera that's at the top of my list right now is the Aiptek DV4500. The more I read however, the more it seems that this is the poorest choice for what I want. The thing is, I want a camera that looks good, too. This may sound trite, but I love the look of that 4500! In any case, I know that looks shouldn't be the deciding factor for something like this, so I am willing to compromise a bit. I've been seeing lots of references to Mustek and DigiLife DVs, too. If anyone can help me out here, it would be much appreciated! :-D (I love this smiley!)
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