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Yes sorry bout that but a real one to made soon.

I have brain freezes to from Slurpies lol even in winter?

the battery life can vary and depending on what type you use

Alkalines + shortest time ------------------- cheap

rechargable (no memory) last longer----10.00 4 pkg can be had far less online

Lithiums longest-------------radioshack 7-15.00 apkg and greatest life

Now I use rechargables, the older, more worn and used the less time I am getting. and that is if I charge them and let them sit. must use within a period

the 5300se there are no answers to that question yet soon30,000 cameras and just a few coming to this site, as well as e online stores saying they have the camera and dec 6 is their due date andclaiming back orders

So my suggestions Play with the camera, and have therechargables in hand turn it on and let it film when you know its weakness that will be your time.

I own my mustek, and I film 3 hours non stop on a set of aa's(2)

For you, 3aaa I can say about 1/1/2 to 2 hours max

I own a aaa system camera the aptek dv5300 2aaa get 1 1/2 hours out of it.

either way. spare sets are back up and turning on and off, will get you a fuldays shooting.

Just a long story short 7 day cruise filmed the whole week batteries lasted, and watched the full 1 1/2 hour filming on the plane trip home. PRICELESS.

I had to rely on that b/c the outlet was upside down and my recharger plug was on the bottom turning it upside down would be on the top the plug LOL:-)

Solution Plastic stretchs I was lucky i forced it in and got the polarityplug in

hope i answered to your liking?

ps no news is good news on that strike but snow/rain Sun/Mon

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