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russellsnr2 wrote:
Hi, Thank you both for the replies.

Brian, maybe should have put it better in so far as I was refering to the position of the camera on the tripod/pano mount.

Looked at your suggested site, very impresive, take it you are a sports (Baseball) fan.

Only ever been to one baseball game Atlanta Braves game they gave some kind of pretend hatchet to wave around.

Did have a hotdog though mmmmmmmmmmmmm FOOD.
Yeah, I thought that might be the case as far as the position...that is why I stated I was assuming...LOL. Course you know what happens when one ass-u-me's....LOL

Anyway, at least you got your answer.

If you could only attend one baseball game, you picked the wrong place...LOL As you can probably tell, I am a big St. Louis Fan. Go Cardinals.

And yes, I love doing pano's also, especially of ballparks. Soooo much fun to do, but the detail gets a little tricky sometimes simply because of all of the detail and merging that goes on with pano's. Can be trying at times.

Anyway. If you have anymore Q's, don't hesistate to ask.
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