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Ok last call as bedtime is a calling!

I was thinking (her we go!)With this Fuji F10 performing better than the Canon IXUS 50 in 'low light' with its higher ISO capabilities, will it mean that the Digital zoom will also perform better ?!

Or should I just steer clear from Digital zoom? From what I've seen personally, I think I should.

I DEF need more than 3X Optical zoom I have come to the conclusion, and altho don't need 12X, apart from the Panasonic mentioned earlier, I don't see any other camera but the Nikon S4 to go for!

I WILL make a purchase within the next 24 hours as daughter NEEDS ... a camera for her school trip (it's ok, she is a responsible / sensibleteenager ...they do exist! ) and has use of my camera all the time.

HELP! ... lol

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