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armadilloshield wrote:
Yeah, wish to have a camera like Fuji F10 with 10x optical zoom :-)
or Nikon S4 with Image Stabilizer :G
So far I can see S4 is the smallest camera with 10x opt zoom.
And Fuji F10 is the smallest camera with ISO 1600, except Olympus Stylus 800 (but ISO 1600 only for 3MP)
Tough decision :?
Wish you can try it or borrow from some friend if they have those camera, before purchase :roll:
Good luck...
Yeah I appreciate I'm asking the impossible with A Fuji F10 with 10X optical zoom ...... but what about a 4X plus zoom??

I'd LOVE to try out EVERY possible camera before I buy but it's really not an option ... ... hence joining this forum!

I'd sooner go with one person's view who probably has half an idea as to be honest I don't have a clue, and am without a camera!
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