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Thank you, Selvin, for a wonderful seasonal topic. I know people are going to have fun with this one. I would like to offer a couple tips that will help make good photos of outdoor lighting displays.

1. Set your White Balance to "Tungsten" or "Incandescent" (both are the same) to prevent a reddish-orange cast to the lights.

2. Use exposure compensation of about -1.0 EV to prevent your camera from artificially trying to make your night shots into daylight.

3. Yah, I know, I said a couple! You should probably use manual focus if you have it. Auto focus systems often have difficulty working properly in low light.

I will be posting a "Holiday Activities" challenge following this one. That challenge will cover family, friends, religious, or secular activities of the season.

So, regardless of how your family celebrates or observes the holiday season, have a truly great and safe one.

Cal Rasmussen
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