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If so, then I'll stick with the firewire or USB2 drive. Pity, 'cause I'd rather not have another thing on my desk, but it doesn't sound worth the hassle. My bet is that USB2 has a longer future, even if firewire is faster (not by spec, I mean in actual use!)
Problems have begun to appear with USB2 enabled card readers which involve the very thing which makes USB2 slower in throughput to firewire. Firewire throughput is very consistent. USB2 seems to work in bursts, sometimes with periods of apparent inactivity. When copying files from the card to the hard disk, corruption sometimes occurs for reasons not well understood, but apparently related to these periods of relative inactivity. For this reason, I stay with firewire.

My own personal choice of card readers is the Addonics unit which comes in either firewire (my choice) or either USB configuration. The Addonics firewire unit is relatively expensive at an MSRP of about $89 (US), but is extremely flexible allowing CF types I & II (including MicroDrive), SmartMedia, MemoryStick, MultiMedia and SecureDigital without adapters. It derives it's power from either the firewire port, or when a four wire system without power is used as on some notebook systems, a provided "Y" connect takes power from the USB port. The USB unit is much less.

The physical device is quite compact and very light and will fit in your shirt pocket. It's about three inches by 5 inches by 3/4 to 1 inch (not symmetrical in shape) and allows one to copy from one media format to the other. Two types of media may be resident at one time. Here's a link to check it out:

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