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I've had the R817 about about a week, and I do like it a lot.

I bought the R-Dock separately, and it arrived yesterday. When I began to assemble it, I discovered that the proper insert was not included. A call to HP tech support yielded a promise to ship me the correct insert immediately.

Then I discovered that the connector on the dock did not match the socket on the camera. Since the two inserts thatcame with the dock (inserts for ogher HP camera models) did nothave anything to do with theconnector, I assumed that the insert that was on its way to me would nothelp with the connector issue. So I called tech support again. They said that they thought that the insert might include an adaptor for the connector, but they were not sure. they advised me towait and see.

Now that I've read the above postings, I know that the insert includes an adaptor.

But HP should change themanuals for the camera and for the dock to clarify this (or include the insert/adaptor for the R817with the R-Series dock.

By the way, I paid $49 plus shipping for this dock from

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