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I am posting here to tell you that I ordered a C6 from for $459.00 plus$29.24s/h. Can you believe that I received a phone call from them less than 2 hours after I submitted my order on a Saturday night?? They wanted to verify my shipping address and wanted to confirm that I would receive it by next Wednesday (ordered on a Saturday night)! He also reassured me that if I had any problems with the camera within 2 years that I would able to ship it back and they'd fix it free of charge!

I just wanted to let you all know since you guys were worried about ordering from them...they seem to go far and beyond most sellers I've dealt with online. I will confirm with you guys that I've received the camera in a few days.

I just got a 150x 2gb SD card from E-bay for $117 shipped as well...the $15 off PayPal/Ebay coupon worked like a charm.
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