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Welcome aboard. I gave you 3 cools as a thumbs up for Posting a review. I'll go in and post the pics

If you think it is faster to send a sample . send it to me and I'll post it in. 10 sec clips should take 10 minutes or less on dial up.

I was Just looking at the 5600 it is an upgrade of the 5500, and reading your review it is an excellent camera.

1 picture shots do not move the camera even after the shot 3 secs is fine , when you snp the shutter still is working , electronics. when you hear sound click we then move , do not move let it complete , and that will stop blurring

2, the Pics were awesome the clock, and the statue what we all have in common, is grafetti lol what a shame. the machro is that the nazil spray or the table shot. becasue machro is a joke 2 feet is the closest to get it to work.

3 the table shot showed the knife nice real clear.

thank you for the review......mod fishy
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