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Many of theseweb sitesdon't make it clearwhere they are. If they sell the C6 now, obviously it's from overseas (nothing wrong with that). A quick WhoIs of these sites reveals:

Warehouse123 make it clear they ship with EMS (China's Courier Service) and I like that the contact infoappears straight up.
Web Administrative Contact: (DO NOT USE FOR SALES INFO. Use their web site instead)
Wong, Tsz Fo
[email protected]
RM 1803, Ho King Commerical Building
Hong Kong, 66047
Phone: 852-3188-4029
Fax: 852-3188-4029

Plemix ships from Hong Kong, probably based there, but have afoot (toe?) in the US:
227 Bellevue Way N.E., #308
Bellevue, WA 98004
852-96866888 (Hong Kong phone number!)
[email protected]

iGearBox have a Network Solutions private listing (more worrisome):
Ho, Wai Man (Probably in China)
[email protected] m
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