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I've noticed the same thing, but since I started using raw, it doesn't matter as much.

Ivan - I have a question about a polarizer (am I asking this in the right place?). I never quite got around to buying one for my old camera, though I had enjoyed using one with my old film camera years ago. I was looking forward to using one with the digital camera, so I bought an inexpensive one (hoya) at Best Buy on Sunday.

It doesn't work at all the way I remembered. As I remember, to get the greatest effect from a polerizer, you have the sun at your shoulder (image essentially 90 degrees from the sun), and then turn the outer ring to get the effect you want. However, yesterday when I was playing with it a bit, I saw no change whatsoever. I figure that there are4 possibilities.

First, the one I bought was cheap and that's the reason it doesn't work the way I remember.

Two, I've got everything about polarizers messed up in my mind, and I'm way off-base.

Third, I was using auto white balance and the FZ30 automatically adjusted everything to take away the advantage you get from using the polarizer.

Finally the marine layer hadn't completely burned off so it was sort-of hazy and perhaps the haze blocked thelight that the polarizer is designed to block. In which case, I need a bright day to test it out.

Can anyone let me know which is the probable answer?
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