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ulric wrote:
Sorry, I meant the photo print quality of the R200 and the ip4200.
Ah, I have experence with the r200... While I had major issues with it the photo quality was top notch. Read idle's reccomendation for re-routing the waste ink.... that should help buckets.

I've not seen much from the ip4200, only the ip4000 or rather my mp760 which is close enough. Photoquality is pretty dang good, no so good for white text on a colored background... text quality much better though... all around the better general purpose printer IMHO. Also on the right papers reasonably water fast.

But keep in mind you are dealing with two different techniques. Large drops but with light inks, or smaller drops with the 4 primary inks. Both have their merits and you should take your digital camera down to the store with your favorite paper, or the offical reccomended paper, and see for your self. While I practicly ditched my r200 in favor of the ip3000 and mp760... you might choose the r200. Who knows.

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