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During my macro work I have started a technique, that I want to share with you.
This technique can be used with immobile objects, as long as the camera is fixed and different layers of the object can be focussed. Landscapes - dead sharp - from 3cm to infinity are possible now for users with manual focus. This will be tricky with autofocus - FZ5, but there is always hope.
Back to macro:

This is an example of restricted DOF - micro-digiscoping FZ5.

A series of shots with different overlapping focus areas can be combined with heliconFocus.
Some of us use heliconFilters, this one is very good too!
HeliconFocus develops this set of shots, a thrilling process! Sharper parts are added to the picture, one by one.
Even photoshop masks can be generated.

So let's look at a set of more than 100 pictures of the fly above.
Processed in 4 different sets and combined by pano technique:
voila! (my computer needs 1 minute for 25 shots)

This is the link to the product (Tom K. in dpreview showed me this link):
There is a 30 days evaluation period:
Here are some examples:
This was the last missing link for me in still photography!
There are three image enhancement techniques now - using sets:
- contrast range: photoshop CS2 HDR tool
- wide angle: panotools
- DOF: heliconFocus

..and these techniques can be combined as seen above!

Don't be afraid, for some landscapes 3 to 4 pictures are sufficient!

Please post your opinion!

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