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Eric, I messed up on the lense designations, I meant the Canon 16x35, the 24x70 and the 70x200 all in F 2.8.

My thinking was these lense would be great in most any light, and the larger sensor would be better for landscapes and wide angle photography, while not really giving up anything in the telephoto area.

What I really don't know is what it gives up to the 1d. I beleive the N series is 8.2 mps and smaller sensor. I am assuming the full sized sensor should be able to make the best use of the full sized lenses. The lenses were made for the full sized setup and should give optimum performance.

The 20d is a great camera for the price and IMO doesn't seem to give up much to the 5d except the full sized sensor with wide angle use. Availability of wide angle lenses for the 20d is very limited, althouth the 10x20 is not bad. Only real draw back with that lense may be low light use.

SlapNTickle; you really know how to make a guy hurt. LOL Can you share with us how you like your 5d and what other lenses you are using.
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