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I also owned the FZ20 and loved it. I upgraded to the FZ30 only because of added features and megapixels, but so far I do not see an improvement in image qualityin the FZ30. I agree with the previous assessments but wanted to add a couple of things. First of all, regarding taking shots of your kids, the FZ20 has a very powerful flash and very accurate focusing assist beam, so that you get spot on shots even in the dark (although it is hard to see much through the viewfinders which do not gain up in the dark). One can also attach an external flash, which I am not sure about with the Canon. I also find that the skin tones are very warm, not cool as the other respondent suggested. I loved this camera and can highly recommend it. Check out my galleries here: Most shots were taken with the FZ20, including the gallery of my family, largely featuring my kids, lots of indoor shots. What do you think?
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