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I just recieved my FZ20 a week ago. I am supposed to wait till x-mas till I get to really play with it but I was allowed :roll:to make sure it works ok. I took some pics on fully auto modes.

One of the reasons I got the FZ20 is the universal hot shoe. I tried it with my old Sunpak 144 I was incredibly impressed though I prefered to bounce the flash I still need to figure out the settings for using it in the 45o position it blows the highlights, but Im sure if I used the panasonic flash it wouldnt be an issue.

The other reason is that the pics it takes are very impressive have a peek here are all supposed to be FZ20s.

Heres some samples of indoor pics I took during the short time I had to play with it, we havent had a sunny day for weeks so they were either taken on a gloomy day or at night I know the first 2 were at night. Cause Im in my jammies. :lol:

One thing to keep in mind I had to reduce the image size a bunch to host it so it lost some of the character in the tinsel and sparkly stuff as well as softened things a bit.

I wanted to give a comparasen of the zoom and image quality the bulb is cropped from the pic of the tree the flash was bounced so that you could actually see me in the bulb.

This is another one with a bounced flash

The nice thing about bouncing the flash with pets is they arent distracted and dont close their eyes or squint. And the depth of field on auto is pretty good as well. My Fuji had very little if any depth of field.

Also all of these images are 100 ISO.

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