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Since you will be shooting in soccer game, it depends on whether you will be sitting down or standing up while taking the pictures.

For outdoor shots, if since there should be plenty of lights, any of the following cams should do fine (in order of preference)

Cost more:
1. Panasonic FZ30
2. Canon S2 1S
3. Sony H1
4. Fuji S9500

Budget conscious:
1. Panasonic FZ5
2. Fuji S5200

For indoor shots, high iso is a must, so you have only the following choices:

1. Fuji S9500
2. Fuji S5200
3. Panasonic FZ30

The Fujis do not have image stabilizer, but if you are going to be sitting down on a chair or on the ground, you don't really need I.S. as much, and if you want to prevent further camera shake, bring a compact tripod along with you. The Panasonic FZ30 also does quite well at iso400 and you can print at up to 8x10 out of the camera. I would give the Fuji S9500 and S5200 a 1-1/2 stop advantage over the FZ30 out of the camera because iso1600 pics from the Fuji is not usable beyond printing 4x6 unless you shoot in RAW.


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